Tuesday, 29 September 2015

2015 | September Favourites!

September's nearly over, which means? It's almost my birthday month! (and also, there's another favourites post coming for you!).


My first beauty favourite is one from Benefit, and it's their 'Gimmie Brow' gel!

This is in the lighter shade of the two available, and what it does is add fibres to your eyebrow to give them the Cara Delasagne effect... Okay it's not actually described as that, but it makes them fuller and thicker, and just all out brow-tastic.

I've never quite worked out how to properly give my eyebrows that bit of oomph. Other people's are easy, but it's always worse when it's your own! This stuff is so easy to use, and you can see the tutorial on the Benefit website here.

It's more at the high end scale price wise, coming in at £18.50, but it's the perfect thing to treat your brows to!

Next up, we have a late addition to my favourites. I only bought this yesterday, (and immediately bought another on online after trying it), but it's amazing! It goes on so smoothly, and from past lip gloss experience I expected to need a few applications before the colour I wanted showed through, but one was all I needed! The colours are so bold and pigmented, and the wearability is amazing! I put this on, and 10 minutes later  I consumed a pizza... and the colour was still there! Barely any loss at all! It's not sticky, it just feels smooth, and gives your lips the perfect colour, and with the uniquely shaped want, if you're only using it on yourself, you don't  even need to worry about getting it right to the line of your lips, it does it all by itself!

This colour is called Aphrodite, and it priced at £5.99... I've got 'Lunch Date' on it's way to me in the post!


I don't know what has happened, but recently my face has been a nightmare! Usually my normal Liz Earle products have done the trick to keep acne at bay, but this time, it hasn't even touched it! My face has been a plethora of acne, blackheads, and red patches, so it was time to take some drastic action.

I've been to my doctors before, but whatever they gave me just hasn't worked for longer than two weeks...

I decided to splurge and pick up some products from Perricone MD. I won't talk too much about them, because there's another blog post coming with a full review, but one week in and i'm very impressed, so keep your eye's peeled! 

They do come in at the higher end of the price tag, and yes my purse did suffer! But when it comes to my face, I will spend as much as it takes to give me that extra confidence boost when needed!


September has been a month of spontaneity and awesome opportunities! As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I had the chance to be on set as a make up artist with SKEW magazine, and this weekend, I was asked to take part in a Hair Show with Toni And Guy! 

8 Models, in 3 hours... it was knackering, but so worth it!

Also this month, I decided to get some more tattoos! (Which you may have seen already on my Instagram).

I chose to get this one because the last time I had a tattoo, Donna my tattooist, insisted that I get something with some colour! So obviously, I went all out! Donna loved the artist that was the original inspiration for this image, so she loved doing it. Could this be the start of a full sleeve?

And for those of you that know me, know that I am completely and utterly obsessed with Harry Potter. So much so that I thought what better way to always have it in my life than to have him tattooed on my arm? (Judge me all you want, I don't even care!).

So that's it for another month! And just a word of warning, as next month is my birthday month, it's going to be jam packed full of favourites!

Happy reading!

Monday, 14 September 2015

On Set; With SKEW Magazine!

Photographer: Jason Rose
Make Up Artist: Emily Stansfield
Hair: Robert Jefferies
Stylist: Tracey Laycock
Models: Jakub Nowacki/James Palmer


Last Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to work on set on my very first professional photoshoot! To say I was excited would have been the understatement of the century.

The opportunity arose when I saw on Facebook that the owner of SKEW (Johnny Clarke) was looking for a make-up artist who could do black eyes, bruises, and generally making someone look battered. Obviously, that's my forte right?

I've never been on set before. In fact, i'd never done any form of photoshoot before that hadn't been on myself, resulting in taking selfies in front of a mirror, so the nerves did kick in pretty much as soon as I left my car to meet the team in Leeds.

Bright pink make up box in hand (because why not bright pink?), Em Scissorhands was ready to take on the world!

This was my first model, (say hi to James), who sat in the chair with minimal facial hair, and a face that it almost felt a shame to trash. So when I was asked to make his facial hair, match his scalp hair, I was a bit stumped. Having never given someone facial hair before, I was a bit out of my depth. So what did I do? Wing it.

Stippling sponge, a mix of brown and black face paint with some eye shadow thrown in, sorted!

The second model was much more straight forward (this is Jakub). A pale face, pink lips, and a defined brow. 

With a few cuts and bruises thrown in for good measure!

I had the best time on this shoot. When it comes to working long hours, you just don't care when it's doing something you love!

I had such a great team to work with, which definitely helps to settle the nerves.
Days like these definitely help you to know that you've made the right career choice, and that you just need to keep pushing until you get where you want to be.

To check out the full editorial, head over to skewmagazine.com , and don't forget to check out my Facebook and Instagram to have a look at some behind the scenes pictures!