Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Lifestyle | Allow me to introduce myself... 20 facts about me!

So after many hectic day's of blog planning/working, I suddenly realised, I've never actually introduced myself to you all, how rude!

So i'm going to take this opportunity, to provide you with a few facts about me, which will give you a little insight to where all my blog ideas come from, and all the goings on in my awesome brain.

1) My name is Emily. My mum named me after her favourite childhood program, 'Bagpuss'. Her other favourite was the Clangers, so if I wasn't called Emily, chances are my name would have been Soup Dragon or something...

2) I am completely, utterly, madly obsessed with Harry Potter. I think the books and the films are the best things ever. And because of this obsession, I'm a little bit in love with Rupert Grint. Go team Ginger!

3) My favourite colour is green. A lot of people think that it's pink, because a lot of my things are pink (like my car), but my theory is, if I have everything in my favourite colour, i'll get sick of it and it wont be my favourite colour anymore.

4) Yes, I have a pink car! She's a Fiat 500, her name is Barbara, and she's fab! 

5) I have two cats. One is black, the other is white with tabby patches and they're both girls. Up until a few months ago, we had 3. His name was Leo, he was a grey tabby, and he was the first thing, other than family, that I really loved, but he had cancer in his belly, so we had to put him to sleep. This was one of the worst days of my life so far.

6) I have 2 tattoos. I have a daisy on my shoulder, and a cat sillohuette on my inner forearm.

7) I love wearing lipstick. It can change my mood from bad to good within a few minutes. It makes me feel so sexy and feminine, that if I could wear lipstick all day everyday, I would. My favourite brand to use is MAC, and I usually apply them with my KarlaBrushes, designed by Karla Powell.

8) Althought I'm a blogger/hair and make-up artist, I'm also a support worker for disabled adults.

9) The name 'Emily Scissorhands' came from when I was working in a hair salon before I decided to be a support worker. This is where I became a fully qualified hair and make up artist (Level 2 hairdressing and Level 3 Make-up Artist), although, the people I worked for weren't so nice, so that's why I left, so I could keep the hair and make up more part-time, where I'd be free to enjoy the job and not dread going to work everyday.

10) I have a massive disliking for chipped nail varnish. It makes me cringe on the inside.

11) I hate having dry hands. As in, dry skin, I don't walk around with dripping wet hands... I will always have a tube of handcream/moisturiser in my bag to make sure this doesn't happen.

12) My favourite Winnie the Pooh character is Piglet. I have a Piglet Tsum Tsum chilling on my bedside table.

13) My ultimate life goal is to be an international Hair and Make-Up Artist, to live in a cottage, to have a family, and to be happy.

14) Another more short term goal that I have is to earn more money than I can spend on clothes, and make up.

15) I love to read, although there are times when I wont read a book for ages, but then I'll go on a reading binge and read about 5 books in 2 weeks.

16) I love cups. I'm a massive fan of a novelty cup. It makes drinking hot beverages much more enjoyable.

17) I love having nice nails, it makes me feel 100% better about life.

18) I'm writing a book! I can say what about, or when it'll be released, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

19) I have a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia, or 'chronic pain'. The only way I can describe it properly is by saying, imagine being constantly sat of a sofa made out of a cactus.

20) I was bullied a lot in high school, which is around the same time that the symptoms of Fibromyalgia started, and I feel like that has taught me not to give a crap about other people and their opinions of me. There's more to life than the opinion of a small minded person. My success will act as the proverbial middle finger to their moronic attitudes.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight to my life. As the blogs keep coming i'm sure we'll learn more and more about each other! 


  1. I'm feeling number 14, haha. One day it will happen!
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  2. One day! Haha, no matter how much i earn, chances are i could still spend it all!