Thursday, 16 July 2015

Beauty | Make-Up, Specs, and all that comes with it!

Here I am sat in be at precisely 10pm, with a full face of make up, writing this post for you, because that's what it's like having 2 jobs. I'm a support worker by day, (and sometimes by night), and a blogger/make-up artist/hairdresser by night, and on my days off.... and sometimes when there's a lul at work and I can quickly write down a draft for a blog or snapshot a picture from Pinterest of a look I want to re-create...

That aside! As a member of the visually impaired party, I thought I'd share with you my top tips on how I wear my make up, to complement my glasses. 

Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror in that moment between finishing your make up and putting your glasses on, thinking 'do you know what? I actually look alright today. I've got that doe-eyed look down, and my eyeliner flicks are on point!' ...Yeah me neither.... Kidding! So you're sat, really pleased with your face, then the glasses go back on, and your eyes look tiny, dark circles like you haven't slept in weeks, you question whether or not you've actually remembered to put mascara on, and that smokey eye look you went for makes it look like you've been bashed in the face with the wrong end of your Naked 3 pallette. (This is obviously a joke, there is no bad end of the Naked 3 pallette, every last bit of it is glorious!).

Well my friends, call me your Fairy God Mother (or just Em is fine...), because I am about to tell you about how you can fix all of these problems.

Step 1) Make sure you have a strong base.

Any dark circles, fine lines, or wrinkles you have around your eyes are about to be maximised by your face furnature. Make sure you're using a primer specifically designed for eyes, and those dark circles need to be neutralised with a yellow/orange based concealer. The darker the circles, the oranger the shade.

NB: Do not, absolutely never, BY NO MEANS use a red lipstick to conceal your dark circles. It doesn't blend. It suffocated your skin as it's designed for lips, not the thinner, sensitive skin around your eyes. Your foundation will not cover it all day/night. The make-up you put on over the top will definitely come of, and you will look like an idiot. An idiot!

Step 2) Use a bold eye line.

Keep it close to the waterline of the eye, but gradually getting thicker towards the outer corner of the eye. And if you're feeling daring, flick that liner! 

Step 3) Big Bold Brows.

A well defined brow is absolutely essential when it comes to wearing glasses. The bolder the brow, the more attention that will be drawn away from your frames, that way, it'll be your brows that frame your face, and not your glasses.

Step 4) Stick to neutral colours for your eye shadow.

Remember when your granny used to have massive specs, and all you could think about was how disasterous her blue eyeshadow looked? Yeah. That. Don't be that person! Stick to the neutrals. If you want to go smokey, use browns/pinks instead of blacks and greys. These colours will make your eyes look even smaller, and a bit like you've let your 7 year old sister play with your face. 

Step 5) Lashes - Go big or go home!

Even though glasses magnify things for you, one think they are great at, is making it look like the 3 coats of mascara you've just put on, may as well have been water. Out of all of these steps, this one is the most important for me. You must invest in a volumising mascara! Having longer/bigger lashes opens up your eyes. Add that to the magnifying you're already getting from your gigs and you actually will have that doe eyed look down to a T!

You could even push the boat out and go for some falsies if it's a special occasion. Word of warning though, if you go too long with the false lashes, you will end up pushing your frames further down your nise with them!

So that's it, my top 5 tips on how to wear eye make up when you wear glasses. Embrace the frames!

These are just the few I follow, but if you have any more, feel free to add a comment, or tweet me on @em_scissorhands !

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