Friday, 6 November 2015

Beauty | Halloween Master Class with Peaches and Cream

I'm back... again!

So the thing is I was quite poorly/recovering from surgery throughout most of October, and therefore, I decided to mostly concentrate on my 30 Days of Halloween hoohar to make that amazeballs, instead of keeping up with my blog and doing the halloween things, which would have made them both a bit half arsed...

But yes, i'm back! And i've got a whole month of shenanigans to catch up on, starting with my visit to Peaches and Cream in Liverpool on the 14th October!

This place was my fortress of happiness. It was pink, there's glitter everywhere. I have honestly never been to a place which made me so happy just by how pink it looked! If I could have moved in, I would have.

The reason I was here was for a Halloween Make Up masterclass, and for those of you that know Peaches, you know it's about to get epic!

It was Kate who took the class that day, and immediately upon walking through the door you were greeted with the biggest smile (and the best accent). She explained to us how the outfit she'd created was made from rolls of bondage tape (not just a pretty face!), and how today we'd be learning how to create the look of Maleficent. 

She took us through the look step by step, mentioning how you should start on the eyes so that any excess product that fell onto the face can be wiped off without ruining your base make up... which seems obvious, but this never actually occurred to me until she mentioned it...

She was more than happy to stop and answer any questions we had, and she even made time to show us a few little techniques for creating a 'spider web' look using eyeliner!

To say that I travelled all the way from Leeds to Liverpool to attend this workshop, it was definitely worth it!

The techniques I learnt at the workshop have already been put into practise, and i've got to say, my halloween clients this year were 10 times better than last year thanks to Peaches and Cream!

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