Thursday, 21 May 2015

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Throw your hands above you!

I woke up last Monday, and as you do, I was lying in bed, checking social media before doing anything productive with my day, and I came across the picture above (which was posted by hairbyseaane) and I don't know what it was about this picture, but ever since i've felt this sense of empowerment! Not in a tyrant/i'm taking over the worl kind of way, but in more of a, I know what I want in life and i'm going to do everything I can to get me there!

For ages and ages i've scrolled through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, seeing the likes of people like Seaane, Karla Powell, Zoe London and loads of others and been insanely jealous. Why? Because they've taken the world by the balls, and I want to be like them!

So I had a moment where I felt sorry for myself, because where I want to be career-wise and life-wise seems so far away from where I am now, but everyone starts from the bottom right? (This is where the sense of empowerment kicked in).

I made a list. Like an actual pen on paper list, not just one i've written in the notes section of my iPhone... And I wrote down every thing I wanted in life.  ' I will have my own house... I will make it as a Freelance hair and make up artist... I will fall helplessly in love and build an empire with my future husband to take care of my future children'. And under all of these points I wrote what I needed to do to get there. I find it much easier to deal with life if I break it down into bitesized chunks, that way, you get to tick more things off the list, and if you don't acheive something as fast as you would, it's only a little thing so there's no need to stress!

Far too often I see other women trying to put people down for a picture they post, of a vlog that they don't like, or because someone's eyebrows aren't 'on fleek' (what does that even mean??), but i think the thing to remember is that the only people can drag you down are the people that are already beneath you.

So come on ladies, who's ready to take the world by it's metaphorical testicals?

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