Sunday, 26 July 2015

Skinny Shaming | Can You Not?

So this is a bit off topic for me, but it's something that's been annnoying me. Like, really annoying me.

Let's talk about 'skinny shaming'.

I'm a size 6-8, my boobs are a D-cup, and I have to buy jeans one size bigger to fit my bum in, thus giving me an hour-glass figure. The figure all women dream of right? The type of woman guys MUST be with? So why are people constantly telling me that i'm too skinny, that i need more meat on my bones, that I'm so skinny i'm going to make myself poorly?

Can you just not?

This picture of me was posted on my instagram, and the world went mad. I've never had to delete so many nasty comments in my life. And i don't even have that many followers...

'You're too skinny' 'You look ill' 'You'll probably die if you don't eat something'

All this was, was a progress picture from the work i'd been doing at the gym...

I've never exceeded a size 10, that's just the way my motabolism works. I can burn off food quickly. Society makes out that I starve myself, and that any girl who is skinny clearly has an eating disorder.

This weekend alone, i've had fish and chips, a Domino's meal deal, and enough chinese food for around 3 people... but yeah, clearly i'm starving myself...

At least once a week when I go to the gym, someone points out (usually one of those outrageously muscley men, who spends more time taking mirror selfies than lifting weights) that a 'tiny little woman like me shouldn't be lifting, you should go eat some more'. Go put a few more Kilograms on your bar and shut your dam mouth!

Those types of people don't know why I go to the gym, because they don't know me. I go to tone up, and to improve my cardio, because that helps my Fibromyalgia. Not because I think i'm fat and I need to lose weight...

There was an article in the papers the other day, which was 'shaming' skinny women for 'getting too fat'. What this included, was a picture of Lea Michele bent over, thus creating 'fat rolls'. Newsflash, this is what happens to skin when it's moved. Irrelevent of your size, when you bend over, your skin moves. It has less of a surface area to cover and therefore 'folds'. But obviously that means that Lea is too fat and needs to lose weight, right?

Let's flip this around, shall we? 

There's a new thing going on isn't there. This whole 'plus sized models' thing. Everyone's right happy for these girls because they've finally got this big break, and they're standing up for their rights, and showing women everywhere that they can do what they want no matter what, and you don't have to be skinny to be a model!

That's all well and good but is anyone pointing out that these women have sky high BMIs, probably a whole host of medical issues because of their weight, nevermind the fact that they're actually classed as clinically obese by medical professionals, and yet these women are seen to be more of a role model for young women.

Telling people they are not good people because their body is 'too small' is not okay. These oversized women are told they they're brave, and yet, if someone is seen as too skinny, they're victimised by the media, and told that what they're doing is wrong, and they need to reevaluate their lives.

How about no.

Skinny shaming is not okay. I'm proud of my body, and I worked hard for it. And I refuse to be told otherwise by the media and anonymous people from the internet.