Sunday, 12 July 2015

Beauty | KarlaBrushes - Review

It's blog day! Today i'm going to talk to you about something i've been loving using for nights out, or just generally when I've been wearing my lipstick, and it's my Karla Brushes!

These were featured in my June favourites blog, ( )
 and I just think they're great!

Lip lining is one of my pet peeves when it comes to make up, you have to do it or your lipstick will run, but I can never find the right shade, or it'll go wonky, and don't even get me talking about trying to overline with a lip pencil, because if it's not as sharp as a needle, it doesn't go right!

Rant over... so with these magic brushes, you can completely eliminate the need for a lip liner! Woop woop!

Each of these brushes have a purpose, which is outlined in the little card that comes with the brush. 

The ones I use mainly are the KL2 and KL3, as when I fill in my lips I use my actual lipstick, but when I use them on clients, (don't worry I have a different set for them!) I always use the filling brush, and I just can't put into words how good they are! They don't absorb any of the product, so what goes onto your brush gets transferred onto your lips, which also makes them so easy to clean because there's barely anything to clean off!

And because you create a lip line with the actual lipstick colour, the colour is always a 100% match! It's the small things!

Have you used Karla Brushes? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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