Thursday, 23 July 2015

Beauty | Rock Out with your Roots Out!

That's how the saying goes... right?

So it turns out, i'm actually allergic to the hair colour i've been using to colour my hair. Even though it's what i've been using while I was working in a salon, and it's the same brand I use on my clients, the last few times I used it, my head felt like a firey ball of death... Who'd have thought?

Action needed to be taken, As at this point my hair was pretty light, and my roots stuck out like a sore thumb. So I did what you absoloutely should not do, by any means, because it's a stupid idea... I coloured my hair one last time. 

I used my shae chart, because believe it or not I am actually a professional, and I chose a colour that was one shade lighter than my natural colour. I painted this all over my roots, and about 1/3 of the way down my hair. I then left his for 25 minutes. The normal amount of time you leave this colour on is 40minutes, so for the remaining 15, I used my comb to brush the colour that had already been on my roots down the rest of my hair shaft, to create a subtle ombre effect.

It actually looked pretty good!

So then we had the issue of my roots growing out. I needed to find some styles where it didn't look really obvious that i'd missed my appointment at the salon...

Here's a few i'm going to share with you guys. (The picture quality isn't great, but you get the general idea).

1) The mini beehive.

I'm a massive fan of the beehive, and this mini version is my go-to look ever since I had my hair cut short (such regrets!)

2) Half up half down top-knot type thing.

I have no idea what the proper term is, but you get the drift right? Take the top section of your hair, tie it in a messy bun, leave the rest down. It sounds simple but it actually takes me ages to get the bun just right! I just don't get how a messy bun can be called simple when it takes about 5000 goes every morning to make it look right...

 3) Curls curls curls!!

The simple curl itself can help the root colour blend into the rest of the hair, you can also tie some bits back to keep it away from your face. When it involves curls you just can't go wrong!

The key to roots, is blending, and keeping the hair back from your face. Natural colours are so on trend right now, that's why there's been a sudden increase in the amount of people having balyage and root stretches, these are just more high-end (and expensive) ways of allowing the roots to grow without people noticing!

Embrace it! O'natural is making a comeback!

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