Thursday, 30 July 2015

Beauty | Zoella Beauty - New Collection!

She's done it again! Another fabulous set of beauty products to make you feel and smell delicious! I wont jabber on like I normally do at the start of a post, so i'll just jump straight in!

Now I didn't buy everything from the collection, but i'll tell you about what I did buy...

Fresh Fizz, the bath bomb you can use 4 times! With the signature tutti frutti scent that Zoe has across her collection, all you have to do is sniff this and you already start to feel cleaner! It's a very gentle product that cleans your skin without irritating even my sensitive skin! This relaxing bath fizzer is ther perfect addition to your bath at the end of a hard day! (Note: Using this with Soak Opera from her first collection is the best thing I ever did!)

Best.Sugar scrub. EVER! All the scrubs i've used in the past have just been too... scrubby I guess? Like they felt as though they were scratching of about 7 layers of skin. Not relaxing at all! This however, is so gentle on my skin, you can feel it working, but not in a painful way! In more of a 'gently-buffing-dead-skin' kind of way. My body has never been so soft! I use this everywhere except my face, (even my feet!) and every time I get out of the bath I feel like a brand new person, with baby soft skin!

I use this every single day! I use it after my bath to compliment the sugar scrub, and the tiny bursting beads inside this lotion really work to soften this skin. Even using this alone leaves your skin beautifully soft, and it smells so good. I can't remember how many people have asked me what perfume I'm wearing, and I tell them 'well actually, it's my body lotion'. I can get quite dry skin on my arms and legs, and this works wonderfully helping them to stay soft and not flakey.

This is my favourite item in the new collection. The cosmetic/coin purse. Now, I don't use it as either. I call this my 'essentials purse'. It's the perfect size to go into every one of my bags, and inside I have everything I consider as an essential to take out with me.

~ Carmex
~ Painkillers
~ Plasters
~ Hair pins/ties
~ Sanitary towels
~ A pen
~ Handcream

Yep, all of that fits inside this! So when i'm on my way out of the house and I check my bag, I make sure i've got my purse, phone, car keys, and my essentials purse, and i'm good to go! Instead of having all of these things rattling around in my bag, and having to hunt for them when I need them they're all in one place, and it's bright pink, so you can't miss it!

I love all these items that i've been testing out this month, and I can't wait to see what's in her next collection! 

Have you tried any of Zoe's new bits? What are your favourites?

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