Friday, 29 January 2016

Lifestyle | Fight that Fatigue!

Hello hello hello!

So while my blog's having a revamp, I thought i'd take this opportunity to introduce you to a product i've found that has genuinely saved my behind on more than one occasion now!

This product is from a cosmetic/skincare company called Arbonne (discover more about it at

And they're called Fizz Sticks!

I was introduced to these by my friend Jen, and I was a bit sceptical at first, but I read up on them and decided to give them a go!

As I have fibromyalgia, during longer shifts I usually start to flag. I get really tired, and i just need to sit down and do nothing for a while, while my body resets itself and gives me a boost.

That's where these come in! They are packed full of natural goodness, B vitamins, natural caffiene, fruity-flavours, green tea extract, and only 5 calories!

So I was at work on a mad long shift, something like 14 hours... And it got to around 4pm, and the fatigue set in.... I was very close to getting in the staff bed and thinking of how I could possibly explain to my manager why I was in bed in the middle of the afternoon, when I remembered I had a fizz stick in my bag!

I mixed it in with a bit of water (note; let it rest for a while once you've mixed, or you'll get a mouthful of powder, like the cinnamon challenge, but slightly more fragrant!)

This tiny little packet gave me enough energy to work all the way through to 10pm! 

I've used these whilst i had a horrid cold/cough, and am usining them at the moment while battling a kidney infection, and i'm quite convinced that these are helping me recover much faster than usual!

I also use then while at the gym. I split the packet, and put half in my bottle while working out and half in the one i drink after, and I feel like my performance has improved so much! (So far i've been able to complete all exercises with my personal trainer without havung to stop in between, but shh lets not jinx it!)

So what do you say? Do you fancy giving your fatigue a kick up the bum?

Have a look on and search for Fizz Sticks! They come in Pomegranite of Citrus flavor!

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