Thursday, 18 February 2016

Lifestyle | The Perfect Weekend Away!

As you know, last weekend was Valentines weekend, the perfect weekend for couples to get extra smushy, and lovey dovey. Now there's a lot of people who get on their high horse, saying that they don't need a specific day to show their love for their significant other etc, etc. But why not? Take the opportunity to go that extra mile, not because you have to, but because you want to.

This year, was actually in a proper, 'adult-grown-up' relationship (scary right?!), so we decided to get away from the work and life stresses and spend the weekend in the middle of a forrest. Trust me, it's more exciting than it sounds....

We went to Center Parcs!

As a youngster I used to go here all the time with my family, so it was full of nostalgia, and happy memories, and this year I got to share it with someone really special to me.

From scenic walks around the forrest (it snowed for half the weekend, so the forrest turned into Narnia and it was the best feeling ever!), to painting mugs, spa experiences, and pancake stacks for breakfast, it truly was a magical weekend!

Throughout the village there was a running valentines theme. After every meal you had a valentines chocolate attached to your receipt.

With every coffee/hot chocolate order there was a 'chocolate treat' for you and your beloved.

There's so many activities you can do as a couple, (you don't even need to be a couple, because everything here can be orientated around families, groups of friends, couples etc). Unfortunately just before the weekend, Pete hurt his back, so the amount of activities we could take part in were limited in an attempt to not injure him further, however there was still so much to do!

My favourite part of the weekend was our spa treatment. The minute you walk through the door, you were created by people who seemed so relaxed and at peace, and everyone was so peaceful!

We had a 'dual treatment', which is specifically tailored for couples. This consisted of a back and neck massage, and a facial. It was so relaxing. You changed into fluffy dressing gowns (one size does not fit all, as a 5 foot 1 lady, the sleeves got rolled and the hem was hiked up!), and the floor was warm! I hate walking around in bare feet because the floor is always so cold, but this place must have had some underfloor heating, because my feet were in heaven! The ladies were so good with Pete with his injury, and he said he felt so much better after!

You absolutely can't go to Center Parcs without feeding the ducks. We picked a villa which was lake facing, so when you step out onto the balcony you are treated by a whole gaggle of them who just know you'll be providing them with bread! Side note, don't do what Pete did and try to lure them into the villa, the ducks know their boundaries, and will just look at you like you're an idiot...

It was the most perfect weekend away, and we've already made plans to go back next year!

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