Monday, 14 September 2015

On Set; With SKEW Magazine!

Photographer: Jason Rose
Make Up Artist: Emily Stansfield
Hair: Robert Jefferies
Stylist: Tracey Laycock
Models: Jakub Nowacki/James Palmer

Last Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to work on set on my very first professional photoshoot! To say I was excited would have been the understatement of the century.

The opportunity arose when I saw on Facebook that the owner of SKEW (Johnny Clarke) was looking for a make-up artist who could do black eyes, bruises, and generally making someone look battered. Obviously, that's my forte right?

I've never been on set before. In fact, i'd never done any form of photoshoot before that hadn't been on myself, resulting in taking selfies in front of a mirror, so the nerves did kick in pretty much as soon as I left my car to meet the team in Leeds.

Bright pink make up box in hand (because why not bright pink?), Em Scissorhands was ready to take on the world!

This was my first model, (say hi to James), who sat in the chair with minimal facial hair, and a face that it almost felt a shame to trash. So when I was asked to make his facial hair, match his scalp hair, I was a bit stumped. Having never given someone facial hair before, I was a bit out of my depth. So what did I do? Wing it.

Stippling sponge, a mix of brown and black face paint with some eye shadow thrown in, sorted!

The second model was much more straight forward (this is Jakub). A pale face, pink lips, and a defined brow. 

With a few cuts and bruises thrown in for good measure!

I had the best time on this shoot. When it comes to working long hours, you just don't care when it's doing something you love!

I had such a great team to work with, which definitely helps to settle the nerves.
Days like these definitely help you to know that you've made the right career choice, and that you just need to keep pushing until you get where you want to be.

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