Thursday, 20 August 2015

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This post is coming to you today because i'm pretty sure that i'll wake up tomorrow morning and not be able to move. I well and truly had my arse handed to me today in the shape of a British Military Fitness class.

Now, i'm not the most fit person in the world. I'm the one weezing at the back ready to crack out my inhaler, so the thought of going to one of these classes terrified me a little bit. Going alone made it even worse! (My friend Pete was supposed to come with, but i'm not one to hold a grudge).

So the class was taken by Luke and Ritchie, and they split you up into colour groups, based on your level of fitness. There's blue, red and green, ranging from less fit to most fit, respectively. There was nothing lower than blue... I checked...

The warm up lasts for 10 minutes, and in these 10 minutes, you will definitely go from thinking 'oh I can do this, this is fine!' to, 'If I run fast enough do you think I can leg it back to my car before they notice?' NB no, I couldn't, because they keep your car keys safe in their massive rucksack in the back of their van.

Then you split off into your ability groups. Being a blue, you do get it easier than the other colours, but there were points during this workout when I thought I was going to vom out of my nose, where I contemplated lying down on the ground to wait for the world to swallow me, some bits i'm not quite sure I remember because you concentrate so much on not falling over, everything else just happens around you. But at no point, did I want to quit. You are surrounded by people there to spur you on, instructors who will shout at you, but in a nice encouraging way so that you don't want to curl in a ball and cry, and that just makes you feel like you could go on forever... I mean i'm pretty sure my legs would give way at some point give that it was a struggle to drive home, but you get the point right?

The best bit? The end. Not because it's over, but because after all that exercise, it's actually okay for you to lie down on the floor (aim to avoid dog poo, but to be honest at that point you're kind of past caring). You spend a good 5 minutes lolled on the floor, doing stretches, but mostly just lying there, and the sense of relief you feel at the end because you've actually done it, you made it to the end with out dying, or crying, makes you feel so good about yourself!

Whatever your fitness level, you can do it. They don't shout (much), they don't make you feel like rubbish if there's something you can't do, and it's just good fun!

*Snaps for Emily for not crying*

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